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What is Busybox?

Understanding Busybox
BusyBox is a single-story call binary that packs the utility of most commonly used Unix standard utilities.

BusyBox provides some functions of the Unix operating tool packed into an executable file. Busybox runs on POSIX variants such as Linux, Android, FreeBSD and others, such as those owned by the kernel, although many of the tools provided are designed to work with interfaces provided by the Linux kernel. Busybox is specifically built for embedded operating systems with very limited resources. Busybox is also dubbed “The Swiss Army Knife from Embedded Linux”. Busybox was released as free software under the GNU General Public License. In late 2007, BusyBox also became famous for actively prosecuting violations of the license provisions (GPL) in US courts.

History of BusyBox
Busybox was originally written by Bruce Perens in 1995 and declared the complete purpose of its use in 1996. BusyBox’s initial goal was to place a complete bootable system on a single floppy disk that doubles as a “Rescue Disk” and Installer for Debian system distribution.

Since then it has been developed into a “de facto default userspace toolset core” for embedded Linux devices and Linux distribution installers. Because every Linux execution takes a few kilobytes of “overhead”, having a BusyBox program that combines more than two hundred programs together, often saves usage on large disk space and on system memory.

BusyBox is maintained by Enrique Zanardi and focused on the needs of the Debian installer boot-diskette system until early 1998, when it was taken over by Dave Cinege for Linux Router Project (LRP). Cinege makes several additions, creates a modulated build environment, and changes the focus of BusyBox into planting on a high-level general system. As LRP progressed slowly in 1999, Erik Andersen, of Lineo, Inc., later took over the project and was the official caretaker during December 1999 to March 2006.

So far, Linux’s market share has been rapidly growing, and BusyBoxpun has grown more and more perfect, expanding both user base and functionality. Rob Landley became manager in 2005 and continued for several years.Denys Vlasenko is a current BusyBox keeper, in May 2012.

Busybox features
BusyBox can be customized to provide “subset” (part2 command) more than two hundred utilities. It can provide most utilities defined in “Single Unix Specification” (SUS) plus other commands expected by users to be viewed on Linux systems. BusyBox uses ash shell. A full list of commands that run can be found on the BusyBox site.

Single Binary
Computer programs usually have separate binary (executable) files for each application. BusyBox is a single binary, which is a conglomerate of many applications, each of which can be accessed by calling a single BusyBox binary with various names (supported by having symbolic links or hard links for each different name), in specific ways, with the right arguments.

BusyBox takes advantage of a single binary approach, as it reduces overhead, introduces executable file formats (usually ELF), and allows code to be shared between multiple applications without the need for library files. This technique is similar to what is provided by the crunchgen command in FreeBSD. However, BusyBox provides a simplified version of the utility (for example, the ls command without the ability to sort files), while the crunchgen command generates the sum of all the utilities that will offer a fully functional version.

Sharing common codes, along with routines written with optimization-size in mind, allows the BusyBox system to be much smaller than a system built with the appropriate full version of the utility replaced by BusyBox. Studies comparing GNU, Busybox, asmutils and Perl, implementation of standard Unix commands show that in some situations BusyBox can execute faster than other implementations, but not always.

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