Download GTA IMG Tool Android Free Hacked Cracked Latest Version

Maybe you’ve played GTA SA with mod characters like Iron-Man, Powerrangers, Ultramen and so on or maybe a mod vehicle like Becak, bajaj or Ferrari sports car. And application Img Tool is software to modding game GTA SA in android device.

Maybe you’ve ever edited GTA on PC with IMG Tool, but maybe you do not have PC and this application is the solution.

GTA Img Tool has several features such as:
– Add File function add files to IMG file format type
– Extract function to extract / copy files in IMG file format
– Replace its function to replace the existing file in the IMG format file
– Rename function to rename files that exist in IMG format files
– Delete function to delete files in the IMG file format

Download GTA IMG Tool Free

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Apk Mod (Size 700KB) v1.4.1
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