Download WR3D Mod 2K18 Apk

This time I will share the mod game WWE 2K18. This game is actually a modification of the WR3D game. It stands for Wrestling Revolution 3D (on playstore), although the graphics are not very satisfying (UPDATE: Now there is an ULTRA HD Graph mod), but all of them pay off with the gameplay mode. bro: the control is also very free. even though initially it would be a little complicated, plus the sizenya is very light which is around 58MB.

A little story: v, in this game we play as a wrestler who is contracted by WWE, there will be a schudle / wrestling match schedule. sometimes 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, or even be crowded with crowds. We can also edit faces, bodies, clothes, etc. that we choose.

For fans of the fighting genre / WWE wrestling fight arena, this game is quite exciting. This time I also share the mod version. Mod features in it are quite a lot, ranging from characters like John Chena, Brock lesnar, Roman reigns, The undertaker, Rey misterio, etc. music, arena, UI ala WWE 2K18. just go straight!.

Screenhsot WR 3D Mod 2K18 Apk
Download WR3D Mod 2K18 Apk

Download WR3D Mod 2K18 Apk

Name: WWE 2K18 mod
Genre: Fighting Arena)
Mode: offline

Mod Features WR 3D Mod 2K18 Apk
2K18 WWE Wrestlers and Costumes added
FREE license, Unlimited Career Modification
HD graphics, all new movements,
BOOKING Revolution, Edit Roaster,
NEW Backstages, Arena, Belt Championship

Download WR 3D Mod 2K18 Apk

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