Download GTA SA Lite v5 Android All GPU Mali, Videocore, Adreno, PowerVR

Who is not familiar with GTA SA games 👿 ? The popular games of the PS2 Console conspiracy era. Surely the hobby of playing the game already familiar with this one game. Open World game genre that makes the Player freely doing damage in the cities or follow the path of mission of the story in the stretcher game GTA SA 😮 .

GTA SA Original Game has a very large size when compared with Android games in general that is 1.8GB 🙁 . A miracle comes with the invention of GTA SA Lite from Androgamer which only has a size of about 200MB only. Namely GTA SA Lite v5 😈 .

Although only 200MB size that makes it interesting. But this game can not play a mission 😥 , only a few missions that can be played smoothly. You can only do damage in the city alone without following the story line in the game GTA SA.

Be calm 😎 , if you are interested to play story line mission on GTA SA Lite, you can install ➡ GTA SA Lite v7 or ➡ GTA SA Lite v8 which has almost the same size as GTA SA Lite v5 but can play the story mission. Previously I also have posted All Version of GTA SA Lite Androgamer.

Screenshot GTA SA Lite Androgamer
Download PPSSPP Emulator Special Build Mod Texture Android

Download GTA SA Lite Androgamer v5 200MB

Link File APK
Via Mediafire | Mega | Google Drive | Zippyshare

Link File Data Mali, Videocore
Via Mediafire | Mega | Google DriveZippyshare

Link File Data Vivante, Adreno, Tegra
Via Mediafire | Mega | Google Drive | Zippyshare

How to Install GTA SA Lite Androgamer
1. Download the apk file and Data chace.
2. Install Apk.
3. Copy folder “com.rockstargames.gtasa” to folder “Android/data”.

How To Fix If Found Error Like Force Close
Visitor: Hi admin Apkmodif, why after press “New Game” or “Resume Game” game instead “The GTA SA has stopped” or Force Close 🙁 ?
Admin: GTA SA Lite v5 is unstable 😥 , to play it without error do Load Game, hit Start Game > Load Game > select BMX 😆 , GTA SA Lite v5 will work now.


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