The Old Game Asphalt 5 For Android Apk Data All Resolution

The oldest series of the Asphalt series that I have posted on this blog. Not expecting to find this game on an outside website, which turned out to be able to play on Android with OS Lollipop and multitouch. After several downloads and tried it, ironically the game files without data can be played smoothly on my favorite Android J5.

Other files that I downloaded earlier were not FC, the screen is too small, because basically this game is only available for devices with small screen resolutions. Understandably the old game, maybe the developer will also not expect that the current Android screen resolution is experiencing a significant development in line with the increase in other hardware.

Don’t compare graphics with racing games that come out in the present. In addition to the fairly mini size, when this game came out, it was a time when the transition between Symbian and Java game developers into Android. So, quite naturally if the graphics, and the nuances of the music accompanying the race are somewhat similar to Symbian games. After all, as I recall, the Asphalt 5 series also came out on Symbian.

Although it has a small size, this game has features that are classified as complete, maybe comparable to the Asphalt game that came out in the present. There are many modes that players can choose from, from Quick Race to Career Mode. I will not explain, because I believe players know for sure these features, because it is a common feature that exists in the game with the racing genre.

The Old Game Asphalt 5 For Android Apk Data All Resolution

The Old Game Asphalt 5 For Android Apk Data All Resolution

The Old Game Asphalt 5 For Android Apk Data All Resolution

Tested On Device
Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow with v1.13
Samsung Galaxy J5 Lollipop with v1.13

Game Info
Name : Asphalt 5
Developer : Gameloft
Connection : Offline
Required OS : Android OS 2.3 And Up
Mod Info : None, only fixes bugs so the game can run on the latest device
Size : 30MB + 108MB

V1.1.3 is more stable than v3.3.7, If blackscreen is occure, try to instal v1.1.3
Use Data v3.3.7 for Apk v1.1.3

Download V1.1.3 Apk

Download V3.3.7 Source Google Drive

Download V3.3.7 Source Mediafire

Download V3.3.7 Source Mega

1. Download according to the Android screen resolution.
2. Open downloaded data with App Zarchiver.
3. Install the game just click the “apk” file.
4. For v3.3.7. Place data in Internal / gameloft / games / <- here