Create SD Card as Default Primary Internal Storage Memory Android

Somehow it seems like Google hates SD Card in its mobile operating system. In the android version before Marshmallow, there is no feature to make the SD Card as the main storage media often make smartphone users with a small internal storage capacity to experience distress, especially in installing applications into their smartphone.

Indeed on some specific smartphone brands, the OEM has embedded the feature into their products to cope with these weaknesses. Usually these features in the form of options to choose which storage to be used as primary storage media. But what about smartphones that do not have that option?

Images obtained from Whatsapp, BBM, and other apps, downloaded files and other files, all stored in internal storage. As a result, the internal storage becomes full fast so sometimes can not receive new images from the messaging application or can not install the application again.

This makes us have to choose which files we want to delete or we move, whereas SD Card we are still many lots of alias more or more. Kan bete uga yah 😀

Well, this time I want to share about an application called XinternalSD. Applications that can overcome the things above with its size is very, very small. Although there are actually many commonly known methods and methods to overcome this by using applications such as: APP2SD, Link2SD, Foldermount, and so on.

But keep in mind that these ways are not very practical because the user must move one by one apps that want to be transferred to SD Card, and also remember that APP2SD and Link2SD app only move / data application only or its easy is file .apk which is installed on smartphone. This is a weakness. First, the read-write speed of an SD card is not fast when compared to the internal memory chip speed. The result is its declining smartphone performance when using the applications contained on the SD Card.

Secondly, if the user uses his smartphone without the SD Card, then the apps moved into the SD Card will disappear so that the user must continue to install external storage on smartphone. Meanwhile, XinternalSD only moves the folders and files generated from the application, such as the images received from Whatsapp, and when the SD Card is released, the application will not be lost and the default storage will return to the internal automatically.

But to use XinternalSD this requirement is the smartphone must be rooted. Because this app needs Xposed Framework to work. If your smartphone is already rooted, please download and install its materials:
1. XinternalSD
2. Xposed Installer

Tutorial Create SD Card as Default Primary Storage in Android Rooted Phone:
1. (Optional Step) backup ROM first with recovery.
2. Open XinternalSD > check Enable for all apps.
3. Open Xposed Framework> enter Modules menu> check XinternalSD.
4. Still on Xposed Framework > enter Framework menu> Install / Update (need root access).
5. Reboot.

For comparison, I include screenshots before and after using XinternalSD:

On the left is before using XinternalSD, whatsapp folder still in internal storage. And right after using XinternalSD, whatsapp folder so on SD card.

Well, May help you who are experiencing internal storage that fullness 🙂.